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MHD is proud of what we have achieved with the Kratos range of HD-SDI high definition 1080p CCTV recorders. Unlike other manufacturers, we understand that the end user is integral to the CCTV system and with this belief, the development of the Kratos DVR evolved around making performance and ease of use key features. The Kratos has an intuitive graphical user interface that doesn’t require a PhD to operate. Finding specific footage and events are made easy with powerful smart search functions. Live view and playback support for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets makes surveillance a breeze from remote locations and a comprehensive Site Management Suite allows for multi-site, multi-machine installations that can be monitored and maintained from any location. The Kratos HD DVR is the best choice for your demanding CCTV surveillance needs. Click on any of the models below to learn more.

Kratos P1600

thumbnail_kratos_p80016 Channel DVR with DVD

Kratos P800

thumbnail_kratos_p8008 Channel DVR with DVD

Kratos L800EX

thumbnail_kratos_ls800ex8 Channel Economy DVR

Kratos LS400EX

thumbnail_kratos_ls400ex4 Channel Economy DVR