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Classic DVR

The Classic Kobalt Series DVR from MHD are performance and feature rich. These machines supersede and surpass any other in it’s class. End user satisfaction is guaranteed with the Kobalt’s effortless playback and remote access capabilities. The Kobalt will virtually find the footage you want, saving you time and money via MHD’s unique search optimized Museum, Preview and Time Skip functions.

Kobalt MV-P16

MV-P-thumb16 Channel DVR

Kobalt MV-P8

MV-P-thumb8 Channel DVR

Kobalt MV-L16

thumb-MVL-series16 Channel Economy DVR

Kobalt MV-L8

thumb-MVL-series8 Channel Economy DVR

Kobalt MV-L4

thumb-mvl44 Channel Slimline DVR